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Organize Your Home with Effective Storage Solutions

Most of us like to be more organized, or at least maintain the neatness that we have. In a home which is packed with family members of all age groups, moving in various directions can be a challenging task. Take time to observe the current working condition of your home, plan a new strategy and undertake these storage solutions that will leave your home better organized by Interior designers in Gurgaon.

Kitchen Organization

Since your kitchen is such a high traffic zone, it is always a good idea to fix extra shelving for easy storage. Also, a butcher block table can be utilized as an island having shelves or drawers attached underneath, allowing for storing trivial items in your kitchen.

Living Room Organization

Pick out an entertainment unit that can hold your A.V. equipment smartly. You can also go for a large bookshelf or install a wall mount cabinet to facilitate easy access to your DVD and CD collection.

Garage Organization

This is the area where you often keep your miscellaneous items. Think about some cabinetry options for your garage which will leave you ample room for small items such as flower pots, tools, and holiday decorations. Old kitchen cabinets are ideal for this usage.

Overhead shelving is an additional possibility. It is the perfect for long handled garden tools, sports equipment, and other bigger items that are used seasonally. Build a shelf which can hold a decent amount of weight, making it extremely practical and versatile.

Bedroom Organization

The best thing you can do for organizing your bedroom is to install a closet storage system. Whether you go for wire construction or woodwork, these systems provide a lot of space you need. They are excellent and very handy in nature, but require a comprehensive planning and precise measurements to work the best.

Always remember that you can add these closet organizers to plenty of places, apart from the master bedroom. The front hall closet or mudroom is much neatened with an organizer and the accessories you choose to install.

Get organized with these storage solutions for different areas of your home.

If you are too engaged with your professional life and other family chores, let a professional interior designer do the renovation for you. El Nido – Interiorz by Shalini is one of the recognized Interior designers in Sohna Gurgaon Rd known for their fresh and modern ideas when it comes to organizing homes. As passionate interior designers in Faridabad, we are dedicated towards providing fresh designs as per your taste and preferences for both residential and commercial space.

Pointers To Buy Furniture For Kids Bedroom

Bedroom furniture selection is a big call. Choosing the right set at the best available price demands the parents to space out time and look out for options on a consistent basis. For kids, bedrooms are not just their place to sleep but to study, play and often practice something that they like the most. Thus, setting the right mood and style in this room becomes quite crucial for the parents.

If you need to buy anything ranging from King Bedroom Furniture Sets to Queen Bedroom Sets in Phoenix AZ, contemporary furniture stores are the best places to look out. Many Bedroom Furniture Stores in Phoenix keep customized stock that can be altered as the individual needs and demands of the customers. Since kid’s bed must be in the right size and design to keep kids comfortable, it is important to give it a lot more wisdom and attention. Here are few considerations that are going to make your choice worthy and befitting to the kids’ taste.

  • Assessing their lifestyle: If you need to pick the best Kids Bedroom Chest in Phoenix AZ, it becomes crucial to evaluate their lifestyles. See how does the kid spends most of his/her time in the bedroom; see if he needs to store some collections or valuable items, accordingly bed sets with good storage space can fit in the deal
  • Storage sets: As stated above, if the storage need is excess, it is wise to include cabinets along with Bedroom Furniture Chest to increase the storage space for kids where they can keep their toys, books, stationery, games etc. Consider buying ottomans and benches to enhance the storage needs.
  • Be wise in selecting the material: Furniture today is available in varied materials such as plastic, metal, steel or wooden. Take into account the design, endurance as well as costing also to ensure an apt selection and long term investment.
  • Include additional bedroom set elements: Take a notice of all the additional items required to be placed inside the bedroom along with the best sets. This will include side table, dressers, study table, chair etc. Avoid creating a clutter inside the room to favor convenient living for the kids.
  • Select a suitable theme and color: Studying the use of different colors and their impact on kid’s mood is a good way to start planning. Pick a befitting theme from distinct color palettes and designs. Aim to set a right contrast in darker and lighter shades.
  • Crave for features: While on a survey you will discover certain bedroom sets have additional / impressive features such as beds with speakers or night lights placed on their headboards etc. See if the features available are actually required and evaluate the hike in price they bring along.
  • Experiment: Create a mix and match of items to improvise the overall internal room setting. This can make the environment look eclectic. Apply that creative freedom and aim to arrange the furniture and decorate the bedroom as your kids like.

Ideas For the Ceiling Design

No matter whether walls are decorated with wallpaper, wood or paint, each room has its fifth element – the ceiling. Ceilings don’t always have to be white, you can use creativity for your ceiling as well.

You can use the following ideas.

1. Paneling with Wood Strips

Ceiling panels are not brand new in design. However, wooden panels are quite a recent trend! Using other lumber and structures would help to solve the old-fashioned pine-paneling of the eighties.

2. Exposed Wooden Structures

In this case creativity literary goes up to the ceiling. The exposed wooden structures, coming out of the black paint, look particularly well, and the room looks very high. A few tips: ceiling beams or boards can also be used as an ornament. For example, if your room looks long enough, but not wide – lay the boards crosswise to make the room look wider, and vice versa.

3. Concrete Ceiling

Do you like industrial style, but without cold concrete floor and walls? Then you can try it with a ceiling. You can make it concrete by either simply exposing an existing building material, or by using the applied concrete plaster.

Tips: you can use the parquet floor and wooden furniture to soften the strict Industrial design and make it cozier.

4. Ceiling of Wooden Sections

A good example of such an artistic design would be an eclectic room in Paris by interior designer Fabrice Ausset. He created an artistic installation in his own apartment by placing 1700 pieces of wood and on the ceiling painting them white.

5. Tiled Ceiling

So called tin ceilings, paneled with decorative tiles, remind of a very popular North American decor of late 1930-ies, a cheap imitation of elaborate European stucco ceilings.

Now, the tin tiles are rediscovered by many Interior designers, and shiny metallic look of the tin tiled ceiling is especially trendy.

6. “Dancing” Ceiling

A great example of such a ceiling was designed by Fiona Winzar. The floor in a plain walnut color and walls of naked brick create a great combination with an avant-garde zig-zag ceiling. Large composite wood panels, painted black and white, add dynamics to the space.

7. Stucco

Elegant and timelessly beautiful ceilings are the ones decorated with stucco. All those who enjoy an old-fashioned design, can finish the new building with stucco elements. Stucco rosettes, moldings and other stucco finishing elements can be found in professional stores.

8. Ceiling in Wallpaper

Wallpaper… What would it look like if you bring wallpaper to the ceiling? Graphic patterns, flowers, meadows or wild zig-zag would come up from the walls to the ceiling. The reward is a feeling of a special kind. As an example, look at the project, designed by a pattern-loving Interior designer Greg Natale.

Tips: to prevent low ceilings, you should choose wallpaper of rather light colors. Dark colors press spaces visually. Elongated pattern make the room look larger, cross-current pattern will widen narrow spaces.

9. Brush Strokes on the Ceiling

It is even easier to put some colorful paint on your ceiling instead of wallpaper. With a proper use of colors and patterns, you can not only enlarge the room visually, but also resize, give it a cheerful mood, make it cozier. For example, a bright yellow-painted ceiling will add a warm sunny accent into a room with cool concrete walls.

10. Ceiling, Black as the Night

If you already decided to paint your ceiling – why not choose black or deep blue color? Very high rooms will fit perfectly good. Ceiling, painted under the molding, will significantly widen the space visually.

11. Ceiling with a Beam Pattern

Designer Erin Williamson combined two colors in this already famous Mid-century beam pattern.

Tips: to bring a similar look to your ceiling, draw the desired lines with a pencil and then attach the tapping along the lines. Caution: because the tapping seldom lies flat, it must be smoothed carefully. Nevertheless, the paint may run underneath and get to the edges. To avoid this, you should cover the tapping transition with the lighter ground color, and only afterwards paint the fields with the desired color.

12. Canopy Ceiling

You can create an exciting ceiling design even with a few pieces of fabric. A drapery, or a “starry sky” will give your ceiling a three-dimensional structure. To create such an effect, gather the fabric in the form of wrinkles or tie it together. This way you can also hide all the lighting cables.

Whether you choose modern wood panels, tin tiles, or a colored paint, by means of a right ceiling design, you can transform any room into a work of art. You only need to believe in it!

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