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Improving A Bedroom Design

Improving A Bedroom DesignFIRST OF ALL – NATURALNESS!

A Mediterranean aesthetics is one of the types of natural arrangements. A bedroom design in this style should be based on classic solutions. Using natural materials and a light colour palette, we can be sure that we’ll create a truly intriguing and refreshing space. Every region has it’s own, original aesthetics, and after all the Mediterranean basin is surrounded by many locations – Greece, Italy, France, Tunis, Croatia and Albania. It’s worth to get familiar with colour palette of those cultures and choose the one, that will best fit your expectations. Since we didn’t want to choose an unambiguous Mediterranean style often associated with a particular country, we have an option to arrange a bedroom in a standard Mediterranean style. A seaside aesthetic has plenty of common features. First of all – naturalness – so let’s not be scared to use wood in any shape and form. Dark and light kinds look just as great in such design. We can leave them in their raw state to highlight a natural beauty of boards (to preserve it from damages, let’s cover them with varnish). Use wickerwork and rattan accents. Furnitures and accessories of this type will surely remind you of summer relaxation! It’s similar in case of textiles- why use synthetics, if we have cotton sheets, light curtains and roman roller blinds instead? And all of that can be decorated with a traditional designs of Mediterranean region!


Let’s take care of light. A key to a successfull Mediterranean style are big windows. Let them cast as much of natural light as possible. We can cover them with a light, white curtain, or install roller blinds. It’s also important that a window is a decoration of an interior. We can place flowers or shells, that we’ve picked on one of the Greek beaches, on a windowsill. When choosing lamps we must remember, that they should be a bit dim. Let’s avoid a laboratory-like, strong lighting. Right beside bed we can place a small night table with a romantic lamp and couple of candles arranged on top.


Mediterranean color palette greatly varies, although the base for the whole scheme is usually white and different shades of beige and brown. Blue, sapphire, turquoise, green and even red and orange (mainly in Albanian and Tunisian aesthetics), all of them are welcome. The entirety can be freshened up with a small amount of gold and copper. Don’t use any fluo shades. It’s supposed to be fresh and natural.


Decorations are a very broad subject, and the Mediterranean aesthetics give us many options. On walls, we can place paintings with seaside landscapes. We can use pillows with, for example, an oriental pattern can work as a decoration. Stones, shells and even plaits will strengthen the tone of the design. It’s important to remember to act with moderation, otherwise our bedroom will look pretentious. A Mediterranean design is a perfect option for anyone who’d like to spend every day resting in sunny surroundings. We’re already dreaming…

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