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Stylish Modern Homes with Light Blue Accents

Light blue – the colour evokes images of the clear sky, the magnificent facade of a pool, and even the rippling waves of an ocean. Aside from green which defines the abundance of nature, light blue hues are perhaps the next most abundant shade we see all around us. Light blue also is an extremely soothing colour, creating an atmosphere of generous serenity. It is this smoothing ability of the light blue accents that make them a preferred choice for luxury interior design, creating a unique yet stylish decor.

The use of light blue accents in the decor of the home imparts freshness to the overall look of the house. Whether you choose to have the entire house painted with light blue, or even a certain room, or a single wall, there will be an element of chic style with the pastel hues of light blue colouring. To create a different look, you can pair the paint with white trimmings for the ceilings and window and door treatments to add an element of style. There are nowadays also the options of texture coatings which interior design companies bring to their clients. Faux finishes can be treated with light blue paint for an inspired look.

But you can seek to go different, and instead of incorporating sky blue accents through the wall paint, you can get help from interior design companies to use light blue hues in the accessories you plan on installing in the home. Plush sofas, rich brocade curtains, rugs, lamp shades et al can be an ideal source for light blue highlights in the interior decor of a modern and stylish home.

But of course, the seminal rule of interior decoration applies to even when you plan on using light blue accents for the decor of your home – make sure everything else is coordinated well with the colour palette. Do not use elements which clash with the lightblue hues you plan on incorporating for it will only make your interiors look messy.

For more innovative ideas on using lightblue accents to beautify your home interiors, go to the internationally acclaimed award winning interior design firm. Their dynamic and knowledgeable team of interior designers, architects, and furniture designers will help you settle on personalized bespoke luxury interior solutions for your home in accordance with your every preference.

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